Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing has many different uses and can be applied to numerous different jobs; the use of a fence that can serve a short term purpose is tremendously popular in the building trade, for music festivals and sporting events.

Temporary fencing on building sites

Anyone who lives close to, or has passed a building site, will have noticed the fact that the entire area is closed off to the public using fencing that, once finished with, can be taken away. The use of fencing when used on a site serves different purposes. The first is to restrict the access that the public has to the building site, this is done on health and safety grounds, making sure that the public are protected from any heavy machinery and unsafe ground. Another purpose is that of securing the building site during the out of work hours, this ensures that public cannot enter the site and any tools and machinery on site are kept safe.

Temporary fencing for music festivals

Music festivals are extremely popular in the UK and millions of fans descend on events across the British Isles each summer. Many of these festivals are hosted outdoors and set-up on a temporary basis in a large area, because of the fact a festival only tends to last a maximum of three or four days, using permanent fencing is not possible. Temporary fencing can be used to provide barriers to restrict access to the event and keep crowds under control; it can also be used as a way to guide people into the correct areas around the festival, for instance to the ticket booths, beer tents or music stages. Fencing allows everything to run smoothly and ensures that no one area becomes too overcrowded.

Temporary fencing for sporting events

Sporting events such as road run races and cycling events are carried out on public roads, fencing on a temporary basis can be used to direct the participants around the correct route and ensure that they stick to the route that has been mapped out. Fencing is also used at these events in the form of pedestrian barriers; these allow spectators to watch the race without the being able to encroach on the track or course. Pedestrian barriers are also used for health and safety purposes and keeps spectators away from the dangers of stepping on to the track.

Other short term fence needs

There are many other circumstances that require the use of fencing for a short term use, many of us will encounter these kinds of fences on a daily basis. The emergency services are one sector that relies heavily on the use of temporary fencing for emergency sites. This fencing is used to protect a potentially dangerous area from the public and also prevent any unauthorised personnel from entering the site. Workers from the water board and telephone companies also regularly use fencing to protect an area that is being worked on and shield the public from exposed drains and manholes.